Arabs will next year need 500 tons of tobacco per month

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New Tobacco Plant of Podgorica, which was in late February assumed by the Arab company BMJ Industries FZ LLC, will next year will need 500 tons of tobacco per month. This is what representative of the company, Isat Boljević, said for Pobjeda daily, adding that they already bought over 70 tons of tobacco from 52 Montenegrin producers, at a price of 1.80 euros per kilogram – and paid for everything right away.

“This year won’t be much different from the last, but for the next one, we have prepared even more contracts. Next year, we will increase the number of producers, because we want to show that we are serious, but I believe the manufacturers already know this”, said Boljević.

President of the Association of Tobacco Producers, Hamdi Ljujković agreed with Mr. Boljević that this year will be like the previous one.

“We are a little late, because of the old plant’s bankruptcy, and then contract signing, etc… But next year, we figure the number of producers who cooperate with NDKP will double. The investor has purchased 70 tons of tobacco and paid for everything. We have high hopes”, said Ljujković.

He added new kinds of tobacco, never before produced in Montenegro, will be in NDKP next year.

“The investor was very correct. The old tobacco factory was buying tobacco at a price of 1.7 euros per kilogram, and the New Tobacco Plant added ten cents for extra class tobacco. If the factory continues like this, I expect that it will have a positive impact on both the agriculture of Montenegro and us manufacturers”, concluded Ljujković.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro