Are there enough women on lists for October elections?

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Percentage of women representation on electoral lists in Montenegro is higher compared to the last elections, said executive director of Women’s Rights Center Maja Raičević, adding that it is still not enough.

She spoke to MINA Agency saying that the percentage cannot be enough until women are represented with anything less than 50%, because they compromise the half of Montenegro’s population.

“Still, the percentage of women representation on elections is higher than it was on last elections, which should result in a higher number of women in the Parliament, that is now the lowest in the region, at only 17%”, Raičević said.

She explained that this increase is due to amendments in the Law on selecting MPs and representatives from 2013, when it was stated that one out of four spots on the electoral list must belong to women.

Raičević said that no one is stopping the parties to nominate even more women than the Law obliges them to.

She said that previous local elections in Tivat had omissions that DIK did not notice, and added that two lists that were not in accordance with this Law were added.

“That kind of omission cannot happen on these elections and I appeal to DIK to pay careful attention to lists”, Raičević said.

However, according to her, the parties have finally understood that conservative model that fails to see women as political subjects must be abandoned.

She said that it is not enough to have women politicians who will blindly follow party policies if they go against women’s interests.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro