Arifović still in a coma, other pilot transfered to the orthopedics ward

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Deputy Air Force Commander Colonel Namik Arifović (47), who was seriously injured on Friday when the “Gazelle” helicopter crashed near Komanski bridge in Podgorica is still in a coma, although in a somewhat more stable condition, Chief of Intensive Care Unit at the General Hospital of Montenegro, Zoran Jovančević, said for Pobjeda daily.

Lieutenant Colonel Miroljub Antanasijević (46), added Dr. Jovančević, will today be transferred to the orthopedics department.

The accident occurred after 13 hours during a regular flight training.

Pilots were in the military “Gazelle”, marks HN 45M, which crashed near Komanski bridge in the village of Gornja Gorica.

Ministry of Defense yesterday established a commission to inspect and report as to why the aircraft crashed.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro