Arrest warrants against Sala and Malerba issued

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Upon the order of Special Prosecutor’s Office, international arrest warrants were issued against Italian citizens Enrico Malerba and Massimo Sala, former officials of EPCG. They are charged with abuse of official position.

Special State Prosecution charged 6 current and former officials of EPCG with abuse of official position. The consultation contracts in questions have cost EPCG several million EUR.

Aside from former financial director of EPCG Flavio Bianco, who was arrested on April 15th this year, and who had a hearing yesterday in Prosecution, investigation charges Malerba, Sala and our nationals Slobodan Tanasijević, coordinator of general financial director of EPCG, Venka Janjušević, manager of Directorate for finances and revenues EPCG, Vojka Ćalasan, manager of Directorate for bookkeeping and taxes EPCG as well.

They are charged as responsible individuals in a shareholders company, who acquired gain from illegal business related to consultation contracts with non-resident providers. Bianco was arrested on the suspicion that he is connected with payments of several million EUR from EPCG for consultation services for Italian companies A2A, A2A Reti Elettriche and Bain Milano.

He was charged with a 30 day detention. The job of consultation services of 15 million EUR was given to Italians without a public call. For official services, EPCG claims to have paid only 7,5 million EUR.

The agreement for questionable consultation services given without tender was given in September 2010 by Commission for Public Procurements Control, they claim. Italian nationals started working in EPCG in March 2010, in accordance with the management contract signed by the Government and A2A on partial privatization of EPCG. Bianco resigned as a financial director of EPCG only a few days before his arrest.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro