Arrested in Croatia: Montenegrin woman carried 15 kg of drugs in her car

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As a result of regional cooperation in preventing narcotics smuggling, Croatian and Montenegrin police arrested Snežana Ristić from Montenegro in Croatia yesterday. According to Dnevne Novine daily’s knowledge, police found 15 packages of cannabis in her car, in total amount of 15 kg.

Svetlana Rakočević (46) was also arrested carrying the same amount of cannabis.

She used her car Fiat Lancia to drive from BiH to Croatia, where she was searched. Police found especially made hiding place in the care, with 15,25 kg of cannabis. Joint action of Montenegrin, Croatian and Bosnian police resulted in pressing charges against this Montenegrin.

Police assumes that women are included in narcotics business due to a belief that women will be spared detailed police controls.

One Montenegrin woman was also arrested in Spain due to illegal business. It was 21 year old M.D., who along with one Serbian national and Frenchman Antonio Deniv, got arrested in Deniv’s house.

He was accused of smuggling ammunition to Amedio Kulibali, who took part in the terrorist attack on Paris last year.

Family from Nikšić also arrested

Besides Ristić, Zarubica Miodrag, his wife Žaklina and sons Ž. and M. from Nikšić were also arrested in Croatia. They were accused for planned distribution of smuggled narcotics.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro