Arrested lawyer Rajko Bojovic

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A lawyer from Podgorica, Rajko Bojovic was arrested and criminal charges have been filed against him on suspicion of having committed a criminal offense of attempted fraud, trying to damage the budget by 71 thousand Euros, learns Portal RTCG from the Bar Association.

Bojovic is accused of making false documents, proposals for execution and decision of the High Court in Podgorica, with the intention of acquiring material unlawful gain, which he submitted for the execution to the public executor Aleksandra Tomkovic – Vukoslavcevic.

The President of the Bar Association, Zdravko Begovic said he regretted the arrest of the colleague.

“The prosecution informed me about this case. As President of the Chamber I’m sorry about that. However, we must respect the presumption of innocence, and I hope the Prosecution would not prove its charges,” said Begovic for Portal RTCG.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro