Arrival of the Russians in connection with obstruction

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Jelena Milic, director of the Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies (CEAS) in Belgrade, said that the arrival of a delegation of Russian party Rodina, which founder is the vice president of the Russian government Dmitry Rogozin, was not accidental, and that it is connected to the obstruction of the trial for terrorism on the election day .

“The arrival of the Rodina delegation is not a coincidence at all, I believe that this has to do with the active obstruction of this trial for the coup attempt. I think that this is a way for the Democratic Front (DF) to justify itself not only before the court, but before Montenegrin public, because it seems to me that if they prove that they were preparing to escape if things do not go right, it proves that they also instrumentalized the unhappy people in Montenegro who are considered to defend the honor of Montenegro and traditionally non-existent ties with Russia, ” Milic said for Portal RTCG.

She finds it fascinating that someone who advocates close cooperation with Russia of Vladimir Putin can be called “Democratic” in any connotation.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro