Assassination attempt? Armored car and cases of weapons found by Vučić’s house

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In the vicinity of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić’s house police found an armored car and cases with weapons, it was confirmed to Blic daily.

According to Blic daily information, arsenal was found in a wood in Jajinici, not far from Prime Minister’s family house, where he often resides. Strong police forces are present in the whole area, and Minister of Interior Affairs Nebojša Stefanović is at the scene.

Blic daily unofficially learns that in the cases found next to the promenade in park Jajinici police found bazooka M-80 (better known as “zolja”), four hand grenades, 100 rounds of ammunition of 7.62 millimeters and a few bullets for automatic weapons.

Prime Minister Vučić said that he can not give statements until he gets information from police.

Blic reports that police blocked the street where the car was found, and that only certain vehicles are let through with heavy control.

Vulin: Tell us who wants to kill Prime Minister

Minister Aleksandar Vulin invited tonight authorities to give answers as to who prepared the assassination of Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić, adding that those who are incapable of this should step down.

“This is not the first and unfortunately the last time that the assassination of prime minister and his family is prepapred if we do not learn who are the people who order this”, Vulin stated in his reaction.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro