Associate in Ministry of Education Petrušić visiting CERN

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Associate of Minister of Education Darko Petrušić spend the week visiting European organization for nuclear research CERN, invited by advisor for international relations Christoph Schäfer.

Petrušić was joined by Montenegrin psychist Sanja Damjanović, that has spent years working in this institution, and they visited together S’cool LAB, the newest educational project of CERN, and particle detector Atlas.

Aside from meeting CERN representatives, Petrušić had a chance to meet our two students who are there for summer school, Jelena Mijušković and Tea Banda.

Based on a contract between our Government and CERN on cooperation in psychics, signed on October 1st 2007, Ministry of Education choose students for summer school in CERN based on a call made in September.

Summer school in CERN happens every year for 8-13 weeks during July and August, and entails theoretic trainings, lectures, exhibitions and experimental work.

“Montenegro’s best students have a chance to see how big research teams in CERN work, go to lectures, see their labs and machines, participate in workshops”, they said in the Ministry.

Jelena Mijušković is a student in the last year of Mathematics Faculty of UCG, department of psychs, while Tea Banda is in in her last year of Master studies at the Faculty of informational systems UDG, department cyber security. Professor from Bar, Ines Zlatović, is also attending the school.

The second part of the visit was dedicated to visiting Campus Biotech and meeting their representatives.

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne EPFL and University of Geneva UNIGE, as well as WYSS Center for bio and neuroengineering have founded the Campus. Their main activity is research of human brain, and the Center contributes to global initiative Human Brain, the most ambitious science project that aims to discover the functioning of human brain, with scientists from over 135 countries participating.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro