Attempted murder of Sukovic: Former head of Yugoslav Armed Forces counterintelligence department arrested

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Former head of Yugoslav Forces counterintelligence department Radovan Aleksic was arrested on Monday on suspicion that he attempted to kill police inspector Predrag Sukovic on 11 July, the prosecutor’s office told CDM.

A local warrant was issued against Aleksic and he was arrested at the Dobrakovo border crossing.

“After he was detained and then arrested at the Dubrakovo border crossing, he will be brought to the High State Prosecutor’s Office in Podgorica for questioning within the legal deadline. During the process, the prosecutor’s office will determine all the facts relevant to Aleksic’s criminal liability in order to resolve the case”, the office stated.

Radovan Aleksic was a Yugoslav Armed Forces lieutenant colonel in the 1990s.

In 2002 he was appointed head of the Military Intelligence Service in Podgorica. After the referendum on independence, he refused to join the Montenegrin Armed Forces and continued his career in Podgorica.

The former head of the Department for Fighting Organised Crime, Predrag Sukovic, was wounded on 11 July in the Podgorica centre. The attacker approached him from behind and fired three shots in his legs.

The shooting took place in broad daylight in front of several witnesses, who told police officers what they saw.

It is believed that the attacker wanted to warn Aleksic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro