Attention to further pressure from Moscow

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Montenegro should be cautious because the pressure and impact of Moscow could be continued until full NATO membership is gained, states the report prepared for the United States (USA) Senate by senators from the Democrats and published by Senator Ben Cardin.

In the report “Putin’s asymmetric attack on democracy in Russia and Europe: the consequences for the national security of the United States”, published by senator Ben Cardin, it is said that after Montenegro’s membership in NATO it is unlikely that Russia will use a coarse and openly violent tactics in relation to Montenegro, reports the Vijesti.

“But Moscow could continue to pressure and influence in way seen in Bulgaria. The international community must not sleep on laurels now that Montenegro is a member of NATO, but it should actively assist the government in strengthening its defence against the “soft power” that Russia has,” the report says.

The report prepared for the US Senate International Relations Committee points out that Russia’s “malignant influence” has been present for a long time in Montenegro, but that it was intensified in 2016 with the aim of preventing NATO membership and culminating in Russia’s alleged attempt to overthrow the government during parliamentary elections in October of that year.

The report ads that Russia wanted to destabilize Montenegro in the same way it did in Ukraine and Georgia, in order to prove it incapable of integrating with Western democracies.

“This coup attempt was not a one-off event, but a culmination of continuous propaganda and campaigns of interference in order to convince Montenegrin citizens to oppose NATO membership,” the document says.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro