Azerbaijans offer another credit: Verige bridge imminent

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The idea of a bridge on Verige that would connect two shores at the most narrow part of Boka Bay is two decades old. That would solve traffic problems of Kamenari and Lepetani during the season.

Representatives of Azerbaijan are interested for the construction, it was confirmed by the director of Monteput Osman Nurković in a statement to TVCG.

“The main construction project was maid for this facility. The Government of Azerbaijan needs to approve the credit for 15 years with a grace period 5 years and interest rate of 3%”, Osman Nurković said.

Mirel Radić Ljubisavljević waged in on the matter as well.

“My opinion as a representative of the opposition in Monteput Board of Director is that everything that is good and in the interest of development of Montenegro is supported by the opposition. Here we have a narrow space that needs to be connected”, Mirel Radić Ljubisavljević of SDP said.

The details of the offer are yet to be discussed between Azerbaijan and Montenegro.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro