Azmont Investments helping the development of high education in Montenegro

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Azmont Investments, within its program of corporate social responsibility, has intentions of participating in the process of establishing academic studies for international hotel management in Montenegro. By using the existing expertise and a good national and international partner network, Azmont Investments has the intention of moderating the process of establishing the academic studies for international hotel management and with that goal in mind it has signed a Memorandum of understanding with University of Donja Gorica and VATEL.

“As Azmont Investments, we worked on this project for almost a year, with the goal of finding the best international school in area of hotel management. After difficult and challenging work we finally found it. Along with my directors I visited VATEL in Lyon and spent time in their hotel, had a chance to be served by their students, tried delicious meals cooked by their chefs, saw the university campus and met with their founder, rector and professors”, emphasized Ahmet Erentok, president of the Board of directors of Azmont Investments company.

After all of this, he said, he was sure that they are the right choice for Montenegro and the region.

“After this we were supposed to find a partner for VATEL in Montenegro. Honestly, this wasn’t a difficult challenge; we all know that UDG should be one and only VATEL partner from the beginning. Azmont investments plans to provide financial support that will be used for purchase of international franchise from VATEL for the period of 11 years”, said Erentok.

“Establishing an academic program “International hotel management” is an important step in realization of the vision of UDG. By working under the franchise of renowned French faculty VATEL and receiving first international diplomas, UDG is continuing with international networking and creating conditions for international presence. We are sure that this program will contribute to further development of touristic economy in Montenegro and improve it’s international competitiveness”, emphasized professor Veselin Vukotic, rector of UDG.

After the completion of studies, a student will receive a EU recognized diploma of international studies. In coordination with Azmont Investments, VATEL will provide standards and franchise under which the program will be realized, as well as professors for training and education, contacts and examples of best practice.

“VATEL, which is a leading global brand nowadays in international hospitality and tourism management, is very proud of cooperation with Azmont investments and University of Donja Gorica. This program, which brings two diplomas to students, Montenegrin and EU diploma, is intended for students who want to advance in area of hotel management”, said Julien Liscouet, director for international affairs in VATEL Group.

Official signing of the memorandum of understanding was also greeted by the minister of tourism and sustainable development Branimir Gvozdenovic.

It is expected that academic studies for international hotel management and hospitality in Montenegro will start on 1st of September 2016, upon receiving all the necessary permits and finalizing administrative procedures.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro