Bakovic: Lex specialis could harm current system

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Announced passing of Lex specialis about the form in which media does reporting could seriously harm current system regulated by the Law of public administration, said ombudsman Sucko Bakovic.

He said that by introducing many exceptions the system is being damaged which is not good for legal security and rule of law.

„I am very cautious because we don’t know how will that law look, but it may seriously harm this current system of the current Law of public administration”, said Bakovic.

Ombudsman reminded that there is a system which is set by the Law of public administration and that Lex specialis will be a temporary law, with limited validity. “And it will be based on the exceptions from these criteria, and when there are many exceptions within a system, that system cannot function in harmony”.

„We have public competitions for high positions except the positions of ministers which is very good. And I’m not sure that this will be continued with lex specialis, because in this case public competition is obsolete if the positions are decided by party memberships”, he said.

He warned that interference with work and editorial policies of media is unacceptable and forbidden thing in a democratic society.

„Politicians as citizens can be dissatisfied by public media outlets, and so can I, but that doesn’t give me the right to solve my dissatisfaction through personal attacks. This has to be a matter of management and experise. Laws mustn’t be broken”, said Bakovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro