Bakovic: LGBT population is facing social exclusion

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On the occasion of 17 May, the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, Ombudsman Sucko Bakovic said that the LGBT population in Montenegro still faced social exclusion in many spheres of life, particularly when it comes to social support systems, certain status rights recognition, the rights arising from such a status (housing, registration), and many other areas.

As the ombudsman pointed out in his reports and public speeches, the LGBT population is one of the most discriminated in Montenegrin society (along with the poor, Roma people, people with disabilities and female victims of domestic violence). It is clear that a stronger, systemic and continuous response is needed, primarily by the state, in order to provide guaranteed human rights and freedoms of this population.

In this regard, the physical and psychological security, freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly still require a decisive action in fighting against the negative phenomena, particularly stereotypes and prejudices.

In his 2015 annual report, the ombudsman stated that the trend of homophobia and violence against LGBT community members was continued.

The fact that LGBT issues are increasingly discussed in public and that they are not a taboo subject any longer was emphasised as a key positive change in Montenegrin society.

Holding the Pride Parade in Podgorica, which passed without incidents, but with increased police presence, was commended. However, as the LGBT community itself pointed out, a Pride Parade without incidents was very important, but it was not the only important or sufficient thing.

Bakovic believes it is necessary to continuously work on fighting against prejudice and discrimination, particularly among children and young people through the education system and the media.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro