Bakovic: There is no systematic torture in prisons

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In Montenegrin prisons and police detention facilities there is no systematic torture, said Protector of human rights and freedoms.

Ombudsman stated this after conducting conversations with prisoners and from data obtained from National mechanism for torture prevention.

“In several cases however torture was discovered along with other forms of abuse, as well as various illegal treatment of prisoners”, it was stated in Ombudsman’s report for last year.

According to records of the Directorate of the Office for execution of criminal sanctions (ZIKS), at the end of 2015 there were 1131 persons imprisoned, while total capacity of the institution is 1350.

In investigative prison Podgorica 268 persons are held, with the capacity of 370. In Podgorica’s prison for short sentences 101 person is held, and its capacity is 175 people.

In KPD Podgorica an adaptation od reception department was done, of the rooms for treatment, of rooms for imprisoning convicts in pavilion “A”, two rooms for marital visits in women’s department, and ambulances in all organizational units.

Also, adaptation was done for the restroom in the lobby and on the floor of “B” pavilion in semi-open department.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro