Baltic countries to ratify in October, Romania and UK likely to do so as well

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According to our information, Accession Protocol of Montenegro to NATO will be ratified in October in Romania, Baltic countries Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and there are indications for UK as well, said ambassador of Hungary to Montenegro Kristijan Poša speaking to Pobjeda daily.

Montenegro signed the Accession Protocol in May this year, and the first country to ratify it was Iceland on June 8th, followed by Slovenia and Hungary. 8 countries have ratified the Protocol so far, last one was Turkey on September 8th.

“We currently have information that Romania, Baltic states and UK will ratify in October. France and Luxembourg will also discuss it in the fall and we hope that Croatia will do it after forming a new government. Greece has the matter in the administrative procedure”, Poša said.

US to ratify soon

He said that by the end of the year, Denmark, Belgium and Canada should ratify as well.

“Ratification is ongoing in US as well. There can be delays, but everything is working out accordingly so far”, Poša concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro