Ban Ki-moon: Montenegro to be proud of its position in the UN

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Generalni sekretar Ujedinjenih nacija Ban Ki-mun čestitao je Crnoj Gori 10. godišnjicu nezavisnosti. Secretary General of UN Ban Ki-Moon congratulated Montenegro on its Day of Independence. Montenegro has come far when it comes to building a state and many reforms needed to join EU.

This year also marks ten years since Montenegro has become a member of UN.

“Although your country is one of the youngest member, it has contributed in accomplishment of various UN goals, and in constant promoting of peace, development and neighborly relations in South-Eastern Europe. You have had an active role in shaping Agenda of Sustainable Development until 2030. Relations between Montenegro and UN continue to grow. Thanks to dedicated implementation of approach of United action, a progress has been made in education, children’s protection, inclusion of persons with disabilities, immigrants integration, democratic leadership, and other areas that are necessary for reaching global goals of sustainable development”, Ban Ki-Moon said.

He is thankful to Montenegro for enabling all UN organizations to be under the same roof – in the Eco Building of UN, that stands as a confirmation of Montenegro’s dedication to sustainable development and decrease of CO2 emission.

“As we turn to the future, you can be proud of the position your country holds in the family of people. In this time of integration and connection where no country is left alone in its problems, progress and development depend on cooperation. I look forward to the continuation of our close and positive partnership in the following years”, Ban Ki-Moon said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro