Basic works on connecting boulevards in Budva completed, the traffic normalised

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Basic works on connecting two boulevards between Budva and Becici have been completed. Representatives of the Transport Directorate told CDM that there were no traffic jams and that passing was normalised, so that after almost half a year of waiting and jams, drivers are finally able to relax.

The head of the Transport Directorate, Ivan Asanin, said that the basic works were completed today and that paving the certain sections with asphalt was planned for tomorrow.

“All the works planned under the tender have not been completed yet, but the traffic is normalised in all parts of the road. The details of final works will be known on Thursday”, he added.

The president of the Montenegrin Tourism Association Zarko Radulovic said that the new four line road would make local and regional traffic easier and eliminate traffic jams during the peak of summer seasons, which regularly happened in the previous years.

“After almost five and a half months, I want to thank the contractors, the investor and the Municipality of Budva who have completed a significant infrastructure project which includes a 700 metre long bridge. It takes 9–14 months to complete such construction works. I can freely say that this is a large construction victory”, Radulovic said.

He added that a picture of a chaos in Budva was created, because in there was a lot of criticism in the media.

“Now, there is a nice, positive story that Budva and Montenegro got a functional modern road”, Radulovic concluded.

He told CDM that there were minor works to be done, ie installing poles for street lighting and planting grass.

Originally, the government of Montenegro set up 1 June as the deadline for finishing the works, but after it was breached, the suspension of works was announced until 20 June.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro