Batricevic left URA

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Member of the Civic Movement URA Boban Batricevic left the alliance twenty days ago.Batrićevic said for Portal Antena M that the reasons why he left URA are personal and conceptual.

“Yes, it is true that I left URA. Around twenty days ago I informed the presidency of the party about it. Some of the reasons are personal and some conceptual in nature. First of all, I made the decision because of the disappointment in the Montenegrin political class which destroys our country for more than two and a after decades without a vision and a strategy. On the one hand we have a predatory power, on the other a predatory opposition with really just a couple of shining examples, but that is not capable to unite and thus become a serious alternative to the DPS,” said Batricevic.

As he explained, in this story there is a lot of personal ambitions, interests and calculations, which does not suit him.

“This greatly consumes energy – so instead of fighting this way of ruling Montenegro we are forced to fight betweeen ourselves, and that was especially evident these days with the inter-opposition measuring of swords – who is bigger “Milo’s opponent” and who is “the true opposition,” said Batricevic.

He stressed that he began to diverge from the policy of URA even half a year ago when the decision was made to enter the government with no electoral legitimacy.

Batricevic declined to comment on the atmosphere in URA and whether there will be a new resignations.

“I’m not allowed to speak on behalf of someone, so I would not comment on that. Just to remind that with the departure of Rade Bojovic URA lost a man who had great ideas and the correct direction,” said Batricevic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro