“Be yourselves”

Metropolitan of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church (MOC) Mihailo urged Montenegrins to understand what is important to them, adding that Montenegrin sacred and holy church treasure is not the wealth of other churches and countries.

“Let the Christian joy of universal resurrection resurrect your confidence in itself, its Christian and Montenegrin national being and spirit. Let not allow that our sacred and holy church treasure is the wealth of the church and other countries”, it is stated in the Easter epistle of Metropolitan Mihailo.

He urged the believers to renew awareness “that in our country can not been built sanctities or anything without permission, and especially if it is done by abusing the name of Christ”.

Be yourselves. Resurrect with your spirit to what is called a free man. Feast of the Resurrection of Christ to all of you and our Montenegrins living abroad must bring happiness, joy and resurrection of Montenegro and the Montenegrin church”, Mihailo concluded.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro