Because of curses and insults: Pajović submits report to the Committee for Human Rights

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Someone will have to answer for curses and insults passed between Montenegrin MPs on Monday.

The President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Darko Pajović, will report to the Committee on Human Rights those MPs he finds responsible for the last incident in the Assembly. He, however, did not name these persons.

“In accordance with the Code of Ethics of MPs, I will file this report as President of the Assembly. As head of the Parliament, I apologize to everyone for the scenes that had taken place in the Parliament and the not-so-good picture that was sent”, he said at the start of the session.

Pajovic stressed that all MPs must do their best to not let one bad day undo all the good they have done.

“I will not call this house the House of Lords, but I will call it the House of representatives of all responsible citizens. It has done a tremendous job in the last 35 days, from the day we changed the president of the Parliament”, he stressed.

Now the president of the Committee for Human Rights, Ljiljana Đurašković (Democratic Front), is on the move, who is to convene a session when she receives and reviews Pajovic’s report. The session will have concrete names with which to discuss and decide on responsibilities and possibly penalties. Two options are available: public reprimand or removal from the Assembly for a certain period of time.

Having learned from the most recent experience, Montenegrin journalists came to the media box “just in case”, so as to not miss a possible incident during the break, like the episode of Monday.

However for now, everything is going smoothly.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro