Becic: I will form a party soon

Former official of the SNP, Aleksandar Becic, said that conflicts within the party he recently left, was unproductive and without any purpose, because the current management dominates processes.

Assessing that he believed that a modern, stable and honest political subject was a guarantor of prosperous and successful Montenegro, Becic said he has received support from the people who are the founders of the SNP, a longtime prominent officials at both local and state levels, MPs, councilors, as well as a large number of young people. He said, he was especially proud of that.

He also announced that a new party is to be established.

“I seriously consider to channel this great energy through a new political entity that would be something new, modern, energetic, high-quality, crystal-clear and bright, focused on the problems of life of citizens as the best response to the economic, moral and legal degradation of Montenegro”, said Becic in an interview with Dan.

As he said, that the SNP , instead of using a large area that existed on the political scene, “we have constantly been in the situation to defend and justify ourselves “.

He explained that he would not accept the nomination for President of the SNP at the Congress if he considered that party with Srdjan Milic at its head had future, growth and prosperity.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro