Bečić: We are the most pleasent surprise of these elections

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Democrats of Montenegro are the most pleasant surprise of the elections, having won over 10% of support, said leader of this party Aleksa Bečić.

He reminded that DPS has 35 seats, DF 18, Ključ 9, Democrats 9 and SDP 4.

“No party has absolute majority, but days and weeks in front of us will give answer as to where should the leadership gi“, Bečić said.

According to him, 4 opposition parties have 40 mandates, and DPS 35.

“However you look at it mathematically, there is no stability in the ruling party”, he said.

Bečić said that his invitation is open to opposition parties in order to exchange opinions.

“As far as Democrats go, we confirmed what I promised and were a pleasant surprise winning 10% of support”, he said.

Democrats were one of the few who were independent in these elections, so the results is a cause for pride.

“They were mostly coalitions, so the math clearly shows Democrats are second in power in Parliament of Montenegro”, he said.

He said they have a lot of space to maneuver and that Democrats are the most perspective subject on Montenegro’s political scene.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro