Becic: We don’t answer to formal or informal centers of power

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President of Demokratska Montenegro Aleksa Becic said in an interview to Pobjeda that the desicion of the Democrats to compete on the elections on their own is definitive. Becic added that his party answers only to its members and supporters and to no formal or informal centers of power from Montenegro or abroad.

Were you surprised by the announcement of the ‘troika’ about exiting the government due to confrontations regarding A2A contract?

BECIC: We don’t worry about other oppositional subjects, we don’t comment their work, so having in mind that we weren’t part of that process we’re not adequate commentators of the process that we’re not involved in, and which we didn’t support in any way.

However because of the announcement of going out on elections on your own, you were attacked by some media and political parties. Your comment?

BECIC: With regard to hat I’ve already said, we don’t depend on anyone, we make our decisions excluisively on our party organs, and we’re not interested in formal or informal centers of power in Montenegro or aborad, we answer only to citizens of Montenegro and we will remain devoted to this principle because that is the only way to true success, which will overthrow those who are trying to privatize our beautiful country for themselves and a handful of their friends.

So, is the decision by the Main Board for going out on elections on your own final?

BECIC: Yes. This decision of the Democrats is final and definitive. And nothing and no one can change it.

Is the opposition divison reducing its chances of competing against DPS on upcoming elections?

BECIC: Many previous elections have shown that the key for success isn’t in the modul of the opposition’s unity, as some with low support are trying to present it. The success of the opposition depends on mutual respect, agreements, honest cooperation and striving towards common goal. Regardless of the number of political perites on elections, every voter has basically two choices: a private country of Aco and his brother or beautiful country of Montenegro of all of us.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro