Bečić: We offer a new generation of courageous politicians

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Democratic Montenegro represents a new perspective and future of the state, said the leader Aleksa Bečić, saying that their list offers a new generation of politicians.

Democrats volunteers symbolically let out white pigeons as a message of this party announcing victory, not divides. They did this after the party submitted its list “mr Aleksa Bečić – Democrats – Victories, not divides”.

„We need victories based on love and unity, not hate and divide”, Bečić said.

He said they will continue their positive and dignified campaign.

„We are convinced that our program represents a better perspective for the future of Montenegro”, he said to MINA Agency.

He said Montenegro needs economic, legal and moral rebirth.

„Montenegro needs a new generation and that is why our list has 51% of young people and 49% of older. 80% of them are on a representatives list for the first time, 90% are students and college graduates, there are six doctors and four masters“, Bečić was precise.

He said that only one candidate on the list was MP for a year.

Bečić said that his list is one of the rare ones that was voted unanimously by party committee.

„This list offers Montenegro a new generation of politicians – clean, expert, brave people who are ready to fight big issues and dubiousness of Montenegrin society”, Bečić said.

He said that they expect principles of reconciliation, trust, life standard to bring the citizens’ trust in the elections.

„We are one of the rare political subjects that is independent and respected, and we believe we have created a new value that Montenegro was lacking in the recent years”, Bečić concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro