Becoming a member is not a move against anyone

Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said that Montenegro’s membership in NATO was not inspired with intention to oppose to anyone. He said that the membership would strengthen the stability of Montenegro, which would lead us to become more attractive to foreign investors.

Commenting on the invitation of Montenegro to NATO at the Parliament Session held in Cetinje, Prime Minister Djukanovic, said that the expansion of alliances is always a special act, especially when it comes to Montenegro, because the invitation is sent only to one country.
“Truly a great honor for Montenegro. NATO made this decision at a time when Europe is facing a number of new challenges that affect its security. NATO membership will have a positive effect for the entire Montenegrin society. It will strengthen the stability of the country and will be a stimulus to continue the reforms and make further progress in the negotiations with the European Union, ” Djukanovic said, adding that our country will become more attractive for foreign investors.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro