Begovic: Svetozar Marovic did not go to Switzerland!

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After the media have been reporting for some time that Svetozar Marovic left Montenegro and supposedly went to Switzerland for a medical treatment, his attorney Zdravko Begovic said that this information was incorrect.

“I really do not know who and why published that information, but I must say that this is a mere speculation. I do not know where this information came from. It is true that his health is poor, but the information that he is in Switzerland was launched out of unknown motives. Precisely in this moment, he is next to me in Podgorica”, Begovic told radio Antena M.

When it comes to Marovic’s plea bargain, Begovic said he had no new information in this regard.

“At this moment, I have no information on when the high court might schedule a hearing on the plea bargain. I have learned through the media that it was submitted to the High Court in Podgorica about 20 days ago”, Begovic said.

In mid-May, Svetozar Marovic left the remand prison in Spuz after the Special Prosecutor’s Office entered into a plea agreement for corruption.

According to the plea agreement, Marovic will be fined and sentenced to about four years in prison.

Marovic pledged he was the leader of the criminal organisation of dozens of people, which was formed in order to acquire illegal material gain.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro