Berane: More than 100 households flooded



Due to torrential rain that kept falling for almost 48 hours, the water level of rivers in Rozaje reached almost unprecedented height, causing spilling from the river beds and flooding of many houses. More than 100 households were flooded in Berane due to two days of heavy rainfall.

According to the commander of the Rozaje Protection Services Nuradin Agovic, their teams are on the ground since two o’clock in the morning. Uilities Company machinery is also helping the locals, reports TV Montenegro.

Lovnicka rijeka spilled from the bed and flooded houses in Donja Lovnica and settlement of Kurije, which is particularly threatened. One family was evacuated during the night.

Mayor of Rozaje Ejup Nurkovic visited the terrain and the citizens during the night and in the morning. He said that the damage is huge and that civilian rescue service is trying to meet the citizens’ needs in accordance with their capabilities, reports portal Rozaje Today.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro