Besic: Demos was right not to leave the government

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The decision of Demos not to leave the government is completely understandable. They showed an increased level of responsibility as opposed to the URA. Simply put, Demos was wise to calculate that going out of the government is more “expensive” than staying, assessed local political analyst, Mr. Milos Besic.

He added he is convinced that this decision was a kind of alienation from URA.

“This is especially true in light of the fact that URA left the government but their delegated ministers did not”, Besic said for Pobjeda daily.

According to him, the SDP will not leave the government, which makes the position of URA untenable from the standpoint of their arguments for leaving the government.

“In other words, one can say that URA’s leaving the government in a situation where SDP and Demos are not, makes their arguments for leaving extremely banal. Furthermore, Demos remaining in the government de facto means that Demos will offer its candidacy for entry into the next government, which is very interesting. The outcome is clear. With this attitude of Demos, the biggest loser is the URA, and whether Demos will gain anything remains to be seen, based on the results of the forthcoming elections”, concluded Besic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro