“Better with DPS, than with DF”

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The leader of the Social Democrats (SD), Ivan Brajovic, estimated that his party will do well in the parliamentary elections because the citizens will support concrete policy that is focused on creating new jobs. Alliance with other parties have not been negotiated yet.

In an interview for the portal Antena M, he commented the case “Ramada”, which for him is just another in a series of attempts to discredit SD.

“Negative campaigns and constant attacks we have been exposed to, are the best proof of our strength, which grows with each day, and that is what bothers many. If it were not so, no one would mention us. Our most responsible people at the state and local level are not unknown individuals, but people who proved themselves so many times in politics and in private life showing that they were not anyone’s extended hand, ” Brajovic said.

He claims that the SD election program is predominantly open to job creation, and that is what make us different from all other parties, even from the DPS.

“On the other hand, the differences we have with DPS have, especially in the economy field, do not bother us, as long as we have more programming and political similarities, because we have to work with someone in order to implemented our economic program. Election math says that Government in Montenegro can be done with DPS or DF. There is nothing in between. And if that is so, then we have no dilemma. It is natural to continue our cooperation with DPS, because we have much more programming and political similarities with them. This does not mean that we are not aware of the numerous deviations and injustices that occur in our society. But we are also aware that the process of correcting these aberrations can’t be done if you are in the opposition, it takes time for that, “Brajovic said.

Therefore, he added, it should not be called into question all that they have done together with the DPS in the last two decades.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro