Biden to Kosovo: If you do not reach the agreement with Montenegro, you will lose American support!

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During his visit to Pristina, US Vice President Joseph Biden has threatened today Kosovo’s political leaders to ratify the agreement on demarcation with Montenegro or, as he said, Pristina will lose US support.

He said the same thing related to establishing the Association of Serb Majority Municipalities in Kosovo (ZSO). As reported by Blic news portal, at a joint news conference after talks with Kosovo President Hashim Thaci, Biden said that the agreement and establishing ZSO would have a positive impact in the region.

“I want you to sign the agreement with Montenegro. It is a fair deal that will have a positive impact in the region. Certain decisions must be pushed, but difficult decisions will bear fruit. War memories are still fresh, but Kosovo has to go forward towards a common future and equal rights for all citizens”, Biden said.

He said that Pristina had to closely cooperate with its neighbours, pointing out that prime minister Isa Mustafa and the president Hashim Thaci had a positive view of continuing talks with Belgrade, with Brussels’ mediation.

“It will be difficult, but necessary. I have also discussed this issue with Serbian prime minister Aleksandar Vucic”, Biden added, warning that it is a duty and responsibility of Albanian politicians to uphold the commitments made in Brussels.

Noting that this is an issue of crucial importance for Kosovo’s progress towards Europe, Biden has promised that the US will continue to help Kosovo.

“The United States has provided more than $2bn aid to Pristina. We want to have a strong Kosovo which is to be a full member of the European Union”, he said.

When it comes to the agreement on the demarcation with Montenegro, Thaci told reporters that it was a fair deal.

“The border problem with Montenegro will be resolved soon. This Parliament’s decision will strengthen our statehood and end the isolation of our citizens related to visa free regime. Without demarcation and establishing ZSO, Kosovo will remain isolated and ignored both by the United States and the rest of the world”, he said.

According to Thaci, today Kosovo is significantly different from Kosovo which they fought for 20 years ago.

“We have become important members of global organisation. Kosovo as an independent and sovereign state is reinforced by peace, stability and regional cooperation. It is necessary to further improve cooperation with Serbia. Time flies and we are obliged to give a chance to reconciliation and enable new dynamics of the Brussels dialogue as soon as possible”, he concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro