Bjelasica Rada employees: We expect Konjevic to help us, not to close the company down

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Employees of the Bjelasica Rada company have addressed the government, asking it to “protect them” and enable the company, which has been left by none of 55 employees during the years of crisis, to finally start working. The reason for addressing the government is the recent decision of the Ministry of Finance, which requested from the Tax Administration to check why its regional unit in Bijelo Polje had failed to collect the bill that was previously issued by the Rada company as security for the tax debt, which is stated to amount to €2.4m.

The company’s executive director Tamara Lakicevic said that the data on the company’s debt was incorrect and added that they informed the newly-appointed finance minister about tax debts, but, as she explained, “he didn’t even read the document that we sent”.

“Before he revealed unverified and inaccurate information in the TV show Nacisto, the new ‘debt detector and the saviour of the country’ should have checked the real state of the company’s debt, which amounts to about €750,000 on the basis of taxes and social welfare contributions. There are two documents waiting to be approved and signed by the minister. Before he turned to some sensational media, he should have contact his predecessor and his associates, who are familiar with the real situation. We expect the minister to sign, the third in a row and last decision of decreasing tax debt on the basis of the double court judgment. Let him read reasons to unblock Rada’s account and answer what he planned to do with Rada and its 55 employees”, Lakicevic said.

Lakicevic emphasised that the lives of 55 “patient” families were tied to the company and that despite having gone through privatization and seven years of bankruptcy, not a single employee had been fired. “Within the investment process begun in February we were granted funds from the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development but due to the block by the new minister, the funds cannot be paid out,” said Lakicevic, adding that only on the basis of VAT, the company should be granted €250,000 decrease.

She added that the government’s decision to grant the company a loan had been preceded by a decision of the owner to ensure the recapitalization amounting to €820,000 in February this year, in order for the reconstruction process to begin at a time, until the loan was approved.

“Part of these funds, which was intended for paying the tax debt off, was invested in the start up process, which means that aforementioned redirected assets would be immediately paid for that purpose after getting the loan. The new minister should have been informed that tax debt must not be paid from, as he said, questionable loan, because the overall sum was projected by the investment plan for the reconstruction of the factory in order for the production process to start in September.

The government and its then ministers were aware of the situation the company was in, but also of the importance of this company for the municipality, the thirty year old brand and responsibility to employees. That is why they brought a rational and unambiguous decision to support rather than shut down the company”, the director said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro