Blame me, not my party


A former official of DPS Svetozar Marovic said that he was the only one to blame for the offenses he was charged. He adds that his family is not to blame. He also said that his family is a hostage of his name.

“Party that I have created and which was like a child to me is not guilty as well, although it always had, and have better and more important members than me.” Marovic said in a statement.

A former official of DPS said that “in all these legal cases he has not got any benefit.”

“Not even a cent. I’m guilty because others admitted that they had benefits that could not be achieved without my authority,’’ Marovic said.

He also added that he had confessed his guilt and sin, as the first one among the others because he did not know what was needed to be known.

“I did not see what everybody else saw, I did not prevent what I did not know,’’ Marovic said in his statement.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro