Blazic enters presidential race

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Professor Djordjije Blazic announced today that he will nominate for the presidential elections scheduled for Arpil 15th.

At the press conference in the PR Center he said that he is running for the president of the state “for the sake of all of us free citizens who believe that the state exists for citizens, and not citizens for the state.”

“That the important thing is what we know, and not who we know,” Blazic said.

He considers that a cancer that ravages the political scene, intolerance, mistrust among political actors, and the immaturity of political thinking “imposes the need for a different and urgent approach to solving acute problems in all spheres of our society.”

According to Blazic, Montenegrin society is now facing an existential danger “due to the mass emigration of the most productive and most creative part of the population”.

“In the next few decades, it will lose almost a fifth of its population,” he warned.

The goals of his candidacy are, as he announced, “overcoming all deviant occurrences in our society,” and it can begin “only by restoring dignity to the institution of the President of the state”.

“As president, I will fight for the return of sovereignty to the citizen and depoliticisation of state institutions and public services at all levels,” Blazic said.

When it comes to representing the country abroad, Blazic said that he would insist on making Montenegro a subject in all international forums, not an object of international politics.

Blazic believes that “there is enough time before April 15th for everyone in Montenegro to show they are mature.”

“And they are ready to bring an aureole of citizen-sovereign throughout Montenegro, and with the power of ink on election day show their will and determination for a better life,” Blazic said.

Participation in the presidential elections was announced earlier by businessman Vasilije Milickovic and scientist Dragan Hajdukovic, while the media announced today that Goran Danilovic, the leader of the United Montenegro, could also participate in the elections.

The candidacy for the President of Montenegro must be supported with at least 7,993 signatures, and the voter can only support one candidate.

The mandate of the President of Montenegro is five years.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro