Bojic: Marovics haven’t got secret accounts

No member of the family Marovic has an account in a Swiss bank HSBC, it was released from the Law Office Justicia, legal representative of Djordjina and Svetozar Marovic.

“Justicia, as legal representative of Djordjina and Svetozar Marovic, has made direct contact with HSBC Bank in Geneva, acceded to the bank and found indisputable that neither Djordjina Marovic, nor her husband and any member of that family have got secrets or hidden accounts in that bank”, it was said in the statement given by lawyer Vladan Bojic.

According to him, non-genuine documents presented to the Montenegrin public “that have been included in various electronic tabular, are the product of the criminal offenses of theft and extortion and object manipulation’’.

Bojic said that these facts and criminal activities will be clarified by the law enforcement agencies of Montenegro.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro