Bojovic: I advocated for a change in policy

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Vice president and co-founder of URA, Rade Bojovic, left this party due to the long, conceptual disagreements with the policy pursued by its leaders. Bojovic did not agree that URA should enter the transitional government without legitimacy won at the election, and also fiercely opposes the party’s plan for independent appearance in the October elections.

“The reasons for my leaving GP URA are the product of extended conceptual disagreements regarding the understanding of practical politics and positioning of URA on the political scene. First of all, I advocated the policy of deviation from the rotten Montenegrin political class and simultaneously uncompromising and long-term recognition of a statehood-oriented, pro-Western, and anti-division reformist policy. This policy meant opposition to DPS, but also distancing from the amateur, anti-state opposition. I was an opponent of populist and irresponsible policies such as “it is enough to just make DPS go away”, meaning that I thought that URA should be developed into a political vanguard to lead the opposition alternative”, Bojovic told Pobjeda daily.

Former Vice President of GP URA believes the party never should have participated in the interim government of Milo Djukanovic, without having won the election legitimacy.

“I was an opponent of participation in the so-called transitional government because I thought GP URA, as a political group, does not belong there without electoral legitimacy. I also thought that such a government only reinforces Djukanovic and discredits the “constructive” opposition for several reasons. Finally, I oppose the pre-election coalition appearances of URA due to two major reasons. The first concerns the need for someone newly formed to first test their electoral legitimacy, while the second reason is related to my belief that URA does not need to be a lawyer and political guarantor of others’ failures and calculations, or unacceptable policies”, Bojovic said for Pobjeda.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro