Border with Kosovo is not betrayal of Serbia

Montenegro did not betray Serbia when it recently signed Border Agreement with Kosovo, said for the RTCG portal former Foreign Minister Branko Lukovac.

He also believes that there should be no problems in reaching border agreement with Serbia, after Podgorica signed one with the authorities in Pristina.

Stating that decision of Montenegro to recognize Kosovo was completely correct, which eventually Serbia itself perceived, regardless of “the hasty and intemperate response of the government of Serbia,” Lukovac said that talks and agreements between Serbia and Kosovo mean that they should not impede each other in approaching the gate to the EU.

Lukovac states that it tells enough about accepting reality.

Commenting on the Border Agreement with Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lukovac pointed out that the demarcation between the states that emerged from the bloody breakup of Yugoslavia is one of “the most complex, the most difficult issues that they have to address.”

Izvor: RTV Montenegro