Bošković announced: Next year, classes in English for the first grade

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Ministry of Education has a plan to organize classes in English language for the first grade starting with 2017/2018. Minister Predrag Bošković spoke to Pobjeda and said they invited teachers and professors who know this language to apply for the position until September 1st.

Minister said that there will be modern ways for working in education institutions soon, and he commented on Syndicate’s idea about state providing free books for all the students in Montenegro. Bošković said that no country in the region does this.

“This matter needs to be looked at from different perspectives. Perhaps giving away free books would create more social disparity between parents of good financial standing and those that use welfare”.

POBJEDA: Education Syndicate asked your Ministry to provide free school books for the members of the Syndicate who have bad financial standing. Will you accept this initiative?

BOŠKOVIĆ: We do provide free books for the children whose parents use social welfare. This year we had 450.000 EUR in the budget for this purpose. Prices of books are the lowest in the region in Montenegro.

POBJEDA: Ministry made a call to teachers and professors who speak English language to apply by September 1st, because it is planning to introduce classes in English in elementary school. Is there interest for this and what do you expect from this project?

BOŠKOVIĆ: This is one of the new things we planned for the development of education. We appreciate one of the main international standards that states competence in communicating in foreign language is paramount, so we decided to introduce this project. After we assess teachers’ knowledge of English language, we will organize further trainings to improve their skills, and then we will know which schools will feature this program. Both teachers and parents are interested in this project. We should follow trends and modernize conditions in education institutions. This year, we have four new classes in Podgorica Gimnazija, and they are class in English language in physics, biology and history, class of math, class of philology and sports class. We would like talented students to acquire skills and knowledge in order to have better grades at college and have more perspectives after they finish it.

POBJEDA: Faculty for teachers will last one year more, 5 instead of 4 years. Do you think this is a good solution?

BOŠKOVIĆ: Reform of higher education and University of Montenegro aims to improve quality of education and research and encourage social and economic development of our society. I believe that this reform and investing in knowledge of future teachers is a good choice, because this vocation not only entails passing knowledge but also forming of positive attitudes and values in students.

POBJEDA: Last year, you said that there are a lot of suspiciously acquired diplomas in Montenegro. What is the situation this year? Have you pressed criminal charges against those who applied with diplomas that are falsified?

BOŠKOVIĆ: I can say that I am pleased, because we are now at the regional level when it comes to accepting international degrees that seem suspicious. On the other hand, it is important that we informed the public on this matter, and influenced students who have perhaps considered this path. They need to choose licensed institutions that will provide them with degrees that are relevant on work market. This year, Ministry received 1.268 requests t confirm degrees, mostly from Serbia, BiH, Ukraine, Russia, Macedonia and Kosovo. 16 requests were denied due to the status of the institutions that issued the degree. There were no criminal charges pressed this year.

POBJEDA: Were there people fired in education this year, and who were them? Are there any new people hired?

BOŠKOVIĆ: Education system is specific in its organization. We need to keep in mind that education is a process that cannot stop, because students come first, and we are in obligation to provide them with conditions for uninterrupted school education.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro