Boskovic: Education is important for developing democracy

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The 25th Council of Europe Standing Conference of Ministers of Education has started in Brussels today. Montenegrin delegation at the conference the theme of which is “Securing Democracy through Education – The Development of a Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture” is led by education minister Predrag Boskovic. He pointed out that Montenegro involved all the principles underlying a democratic society in its education system and that a special attention was paid to providing equal opportunities for all, particularly when it comes to lifelong learning and inclusive education in which Montenegro has achieved significant results.

On the first day of the conference, the reference framework of competence that are required in order to participate in a democratic culture, civic education as an effective prevention of the growing extremism, as well as the challenges of civic education have been discussed, the Ministry of Education announced.

Within the discussion on the challenges of civic education, the ministers presented the situation in the education systems of their countries and the challenges they face.

Speaking at a working group attended by ministers and heads of delegation from 50 countries, Minister Boskovic, among other things, talked about the importance of improving and developing the curriculum and the need for a constant modernisation and monitoring trends that will allow obtaining better and more lasting skills and competencies.

He put an emphasis on planning, design, evaluation of education and professional development of teachers pointing out the importance of continued investment in the education system.

“In addition to providing knowledge and skills, investing in the education system will enable the students to develop creativity, motivation, self-criticism, teamwork and entrepreneurial spirit, which represents a driving force of or every society”, Boskovic said.50

The two-day conference brought together more than 200 participants from the education sector from over fifty countries.

Ministers are to adopt a declaration titled Securing Democracy through Education – The Development of a Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture tomorrow.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro