Boskovic: Older than me are receiving a child allowance

Government will prevent abuse of social benefits, regardless of politicking of those who will lose their right to such assistance, and who were receiving it without a single paper, said Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Predrag Boskovic.

Participating in the project Montenegro on Twitter, implemented by the Center for Democratic Transition in cooperation with the FAKT, he recalled that before the campaign on foster care, 58 percent of the citizens of Montenegro considered the institutional housing as the best solution for children without parental care.

Boskovic said that the Ministry made an effort to explain the importance of foster care, saying that it will continue its activities.

“Foster care is not the same as adoption. That is why foster parents can be people aged 50 years”, he wrote on his Twitter account.

He explained that foster care is temporary form of care, stating that all that matters is that the foster parent is eligible for this.

“All who are foster carers have reimbursement for foster care, and the fact that people accept foster care out of human motives is very pleasing”, said Boskovic.

He stated that in Rozaje people who are older than him are receiving a child allowance, saying that everyone should pay more attention to it.

“We will announce the total number and structure of abuses when all cases are placed in the social card, after which the legal measures will be taken”, said Boskovic.

He believes that public awareness about the accommodation of elderly persons in homes for elderly persons is changing.

“Maybe not as we would like, but the fact is that the waiting list for the house in Risan is 70 people”, said Boskovic.

He said that criminal complaints have been raised due to the abuse of maternity leave allowances, noting that the Government has pu that area in order.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro