Bosniak Party: First to negotiate with the DPS

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The political platform of the minorities’ parties will be agreed next week, after which official negotiations with the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) will begin , reported the Bosniak Party (BS).

The BS spokesman Sead Sahman said that the party still negotiates political platform with representatives of Albanians and Croats .

“Expectations are that it will be finalized early next week. Only after it is finally agreed, we will start the formal negotiations with the party that has received a mandate from the president to form the next government,” said Sahman for agency MINA.

He said that so far there were no official talks with the DPS.

“The talks will start after the platform of representatives of minorities is agreed”.

Sahman said that the BS have not yet talked about the personal and personnel issues, but to them it is very important to respect what they were saying during the election campaign.

“We are specially interested in the departments from the economic segment, regional development, agriculture and so on, but it will depend on the agreement, which will follow the harmonization of the platform,” he said.

Regarding talks with the opposition, Sahman said that they still do not have official position of the Presidency and of the party institutions to negotiate with the opposition.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro