Boycott until the rest of the opposition say what they mean

SDP leader Srdjan Milic said that as head of the party and MP, he will not take part in the work of parliament until the political organizations and individuals that DF called for a boycott does not say what they mean about the proposal.

At today’s press conference Milic said that the party is managing to right a wrong to the citizens through the institutions of the system regardless the fact that the SNP did not take part in the sessions of the Parliament of Montenegro in Cetinje and Podgorica.

Milic believes that fair elections are important to everyone, not only in Montenegro, and that the interim government is the model how to get to that.

When it comes to NATO integration, Milic said that the vast majority of citizens do not want full NATO membership. He added that the attitude SNP is clear and reiterated that the party opposes membership.

“We’ll tell Stoltenberg, and we have said that to Victoria Nuland, and we will tell to everyone that we are against. The program obliges us but also those moral perpenicular – we do not change our position because we want to appeal to somebody from the West,” said Milic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro