Boycotting everything but the money: In 5 months, DF representatives received 107.000 EUR

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Representatives of Democratic Front that are boycotting the Parliament have received 106.962 EUR in total wages and bonuses from the Parliament during last 5 months that they spent working outside that institution.

DF has started with street gatherings and Parliament boycott in the end of September, and since then, they have been receiving their monthly wages, despite not attending in the Parliament.

DF representative with the highest monthly payment is Vice President of the Parliament Branko Radulović with 1.397,32 EUR. After him, highest wages have Predrag Bulatović (1.331,66 EUR), Ljiljana Đurašković (1.277,92 EUR), Emilo Labudović (1.251,97 EUR), Slaven Radunović (1.244 EUR), Nebojša Medojević (1.236,03 EUR), Andrija Mandić (1.228,06 EUR), Branka Bošnjak (1.220,09 EUR), Milutin Đukanović (1.214,16 EUR), Janko Vučinić (1.198,22 EUR), Veljko Vasiljević (1.182,28 EUR), Koča Pavlović (1.144,38 EUR), Milan Knežević (1.136,41 EUR), Vladislav Bojović (1.110,55 EUR) and Strahinja Bulajić (416,93 EUR). When these wages are added together with bonuses for attending different Committees, a sum of around 21.000 EUR a month is reached.

During the 5 months they have been boycotting (October, November, December, January, February), DF representatives have received 106.962 EUR.

The representatives have said from the beginning that they would not waive their representatives’ wages, and that they would use them, along with party resources and citizens’ donations, to fund the protests. Aside from representatives’ wages, DF representatives have been receiving wages for the work in President’s Collegium and other bodies in the Parliament.

This is how Vice President of the Parliament Branko Radulović receives 300 EUR a month. The same amount is given to DF representatives that are chairmen of some of the Parliament’s bodies, such as Anti-Corruption Committee (Predrag Bulatović), European Integration Committee (Slaven Radunović), Commission for the Control of Privatization (Janko Vučinić) and Chairman of Club of Representatives of DF Milutin Đukanović.

Other representatives of DF receive 225 EUR for their participation in the bodies.

Besides receiving wages, DF representatives enjoy other perks of representatives’ life. Most of them still use official vehicles. Four of the representatives use vehicles provided to them for their function in the Parliament.

“The cars are used by: Branko Radulović, Vice President of the Parliament, Predrag Bulatović, President of the Anti-Corruption Committee, Slaven Radunović, President of European Integration Committee and Milutin Đukanović, Chairman of DF’s Club of Representatives”, WEDN learned in the Parliament. .

During last year, Chairman of DF’s Club of Representatives Milutin Đukanović has spent the most fuel, in the amount of 2.163 EUR, more than any other representative. For instance, SNP has spent 573 EUR, and SDP 539 EUR.

During last year, DF received 995.243 EUR from the state budget, and 334.295 EUR from the municipalities’ budget. Revenue, property and expenses reports on New Serbian Democracy, Movement for Changes and Democratic People’s Party have shown this.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro