Bozinovic: Montenegro has reason for optimism

Allies already regard Montenegro a future member of NATO and this is confirmation that the country has clearly paved the way towards the community of European democracies, considers the Croatian observer representative in the European Parliament, Davor Bozinovic.

“Montenegro is on its way to achieve its strategic goal. It is clear that the foreign ministers at the end of the year will make a decision and my impression is that Montenegro has reason for optimism “, Bozinovic said Mina.

He recalled that the decisions in the Alliance are made by consensus, and we should not prejudge them.

Bozinovic said he regarded a great achievement the fact that Montenegro is already seen and perceived as a future member.

“This is the best allies’ proof and recognition that Montenegro clearly pave its way to the community of European democracies, which is highly valued,” said Bozinovic, who was defense minister and head of the Croatian mission in NATO.

Bozinovic stressed the importance of continuing reforms after joining NATO.

“It is important that allies create a clear picture that invitation would not lead to relaxation n comprehensive reforms that all countries, including Montenegro, must implement in order to strengthen their own democratic capacity,” he explained.

The reform process, believes Bozinovic, never stop and they will also be implemented when Montenegro becomes a member of the Alliance, as it happens with other members.

Asked if it was more realistic to expect membership invitation for Montenegroat regular summit next year, then at the ministerial meeting at the end of this year, Bozinovic recalled the individual Montenegrin mechanism from Cardiff- intensified and focused dialogue.

Commenting on allegations that Montenegro and Macedonia should receive an invitation at the summit in 2016, he said a mechanism has been tailored for Montenegro based on its progress.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro