BP: A pensioner’s bag with €100,000 in it snatched?

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Member of the nursing home in Bijelo Polje M.P. (73) from the village Tustvo near Bijelo Polje, was robbed on Friday in the early evening, when unknown assailants waited for him in front of the nursing home and seized his bag with a large amount of money. It is assumed that there was €100,000 in it, Dnevne Novine newspaper reported.

Dnevne Novine’s source said that M.P. decided to raise the money from his bank account and to invest it in the nursing home’s deposit.

“As far as I know, M.P. was not married. It worked abroad for a long time, where he gained a comfortable pension. He has paid the nursing home fee amounting to €300 and he often says that his pension exceeds €1,000. He said that he wanted to buy a flat and to live in it. He was saving up”, the source said. He added that M.P. had raised the money that day and went to several cafes and a park.

“He arrived to the nursing home by taxi. After that two assailants attacked him, seized the bag with his money and fled towards the highway”, the source said.

Bijelo Polje police confirmed the newspaper that their officers were working on solving the unusual case.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro