Brajovic about highway: Government is a demanding investor

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Aware of the significance of the construction project of the first section of highway and its cost, we set the bar high for the construction company, said minister of transport Ivan Brajovic in an interview for special appendix to Dnevne newspaper “All about construction of highway Bar Boljare”.

DN: Ten years of Montenegrin independence of Montenegro will definitely be marked by the beginning of the construction of the first section of the highway, how is that going so far?

BRAJOVIC: At the moment when we’re celebrating this important ate, I believe that I share the satisfaction with my fellow citizens regarding the beginning of the realization of the largest infratructural project in recen history. Period of one decade is short when you look at it historically, but we managed to realize some historically good results in this time. A period of new intensified development of Montenegro is ahead of us and a special impuls to this will be given by highway Bar Boljare.

DN: Are you satisfied with number of Montenegrin sub-contractors?

BRAJOVIC: It’s a special satisfaction of mine to say that we managed to make it a contractual obligation for the construction company to hire at least 30 percent of sub-contractors from Montenegro, related to the whole price of the project. This obligation has been mostly fulfilled. So, almost 250 million euros will remain in financial flow of our country, which will have a positive impact on our economy.

DN : When can we expect the beginning of main works?

BRAJOVIC: After the appropriate legal and contractual prerequisites have been met, the date of the beginning of orks was set to be 11th of May 2015. As the contract defines, starting from this date the contractor has 48 months to finish the main project. Since the works began in May of 2015, we expect ot drive n first kilometres of the highway in 2019.

There will be more than 3.500 workers

When ti comes to number of hired workers, the number is currently at 556.

“This number should significantly rise in upcoming period. At the time of the biggest scope of works, according to the plans of the contractor, this number should go up to even 3.500. This segment too has a chance for hiring domestic workers”, said Brajovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro