Brajovic: Better with DPS than with DF

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Leader of Socialdemocrats Ivan Brajovic said in an interview to portal Antena M that his party will do good on parliamentary elections, because citizens will support their specific politics which is, among other things, focused on creating new jobs.

“Negative campaign and constant attacks that we’re exposed to are the best indicator of our strength. Stories about so-called “directors party” and “extended hand of DPS” are mostly coming from some of our former party colleagues – same people who were praising Milo Djukanovic up until yesterday so much so that even he had to feel a bit uncomfortable about it”, said Brajovic.

“On the other hand, differences that we have compared to DPS, especially when it comes to economy, doesn’t prevent us from being in power together, because we have to cooperate with someone in order to execute our policies from the position of authority. Election math is such that in Montenegro you can only rule by cooperating with DPS or DF, there is no middle ground. And since this is the case we don’t have any dilemma, we will always choose DPS because we have more program similiarities with them”, he said.

This doesn’t mean that we’re not aware of the deviations and injustice that is happening in our society.

“But we’re also aware that correcting these deviations is a process, which cannot be successfully combatted from the opposition, that it takes time, and that we shouldn’t jeopardzie everything good we’ve done with DPS in previous two decades because of it”, said Brajovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro