Brajovic challenges Krivokapic

Vice-President of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Ivan Brajovic, has officially submitted the candidacy for the president of the party, today.

He expressed satisfaction with the fact that Montenegro is now at the level of social development where for the top position “in an authentic, and a serious political party, as the SDP is, compete several serious candidates”.

“It is a democratic step forward, and proof of maturity not only of the SDP, but also of the society as a whole”, Brajovic said.

He said that his candidacy for the SDP president is almost unanimously supported by “our largest municipal boards in Podgorica and Bar”.

“But a large number of these other boards as well, which some of the representatives are here with us. I would lie to thank Vujica Lazovic, Mico Orlandic, Jusuf Kalamperovic, Andrija Lompar, Damir Sehovic, Selim, Djordje Suhih, Rados, Luka, Budimirka and other friends and associates or better comrades on our quarter century long journey, whose symbolic presence at this formal act today represents their support for the SDP and the idea of democracy and pluralism that we cherish with pride and heritage.” Brajovic said.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro