Brajović: Montenegro can trust us

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Leader of Social-democrats Ivan Brajović spoke at the party convention in Bijelo Polje and said that SD are different than others because they do not give false promises.

“Citizens, you can trust us! Our list has capable, proven and successful people, who are stable and consistent. So we had no doubts about our motto for these elections. Why consistent? Because in the last 26 years we were the ones who never did anything that was not in Montenegro’s best interest”, Brajović said.

“We are completely aware of all the good done in Montenegro. We took part in its historic victories. But we see many missed opportunities as well, and there is no time to waste to fix mistakes and take Montenegro forward”, Brajović said.

Vice President of SD Damir Šehović said that SD will accomplish a great result at the elections, and they will hold the keys to Montenegro’s future leadership.

“These elections are important because they decide Montenegro’s path to EU and NATO. All those who wish to take a step back can go where they belong – in the political past”, Šehović said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro